Developing a Feature for Editoria

If you are a developer, or part of an organization that has developers on staff, and you wish to extend or change Editoria, then you are very welcome to do so! There are several ways to contribute. One option is to fork the code and do your own thing. Anyone is welcome to do this, but another, more community-minded, path is to make a contribution to the Editoria core code. We believe most development will occur with this intention, so we want to help you ensure your code lands well and is merged quickly into the main repository. We have a simple process that we hope you will follow:

  1. Before you start writing any code, create a new issue in the Editoria main repository. This feature must have the prefix ‘RFC’ (Request For Comments) and be followed by a short title, e.g., RFC: New Book Builder Component
  2. Describe in as much detail as possible the proposed feature, including wireframes and technical implementation details (if possible). The detail should be written so that the Editoria core team and greater community can quickly evaluate the proposal.

After your RFC has been submitted, you can expect quick feedback by the Editoria core team. The community at large is also encouraged to comment on the proposal. The idea is to get as much feedback as possible to help you improve your approach for when development begins.

The intention of this process is to assist you to develop features that will match well with the Editoria approach, as well as to prevent possible duplications of effort and/or to match your effort with others to lessen your development burden if possible.

We intend this process to be quick and responsive. If you are not getting the feedback you need in the time you require, then reach out to the Editoria core team directly through the issue or through the Mattermost chat. Thanks for considering this cooperative option.