Break free from desktop book production.

Build and customize streamlined, scalable book publishing workflows using Editoria’s rich web-based tools.

Elegant web-based editing

Import .docx manuscripts, then work and style directly in a web-based word processor built for scholarly publishing. Editoria automatically encodes pre-existing style information so nothing is lost. Familiar tools and a WYSIWYG environment means editors & authors can get up to speed quickly.

Leave Word behind.

  • No more paper-based workflows tied to complicated macros.
  • No more tracking of changes across multiple versions and file formats.
  • No more inefficient Word-based systems reliant on valuable staff resources or costly 3rd party vendor solutions.

Online collaboration = speed

Editoria’s role-based authentication system means flexibility and control over the entire production process. Editors establish deadlines, assign reviewing tasks, manage communication, and set permission levels. Authors review and respond to edits directly in the online system, avoiding endless cycles of revision.

The result? You move from seamlessly from manuscript to final files — and get critical scholarship to readers more quickly.

True automated typesetting

Push button publishing isn’t a catch-phrase. It’s baked into Editoria’s native HTML framework. Typesetting happens in real-time getting you from written word to final output as quickly as possible.

At the front end of the cycle, CSS-based typesetting lets publishers create their own unique template or use pre-built Editoria templates. In review, authors can approve paginated PDFs directly in the system.

And Editoria supports multiple file outputs from a single source file. So you can output beautiful, paginated books and accessibility compliant ePub3 or PDF, without the need for additional complex scripts.

Open source

Streamlining book publishing requires developing scalable, standards-based technology solutions. Editoria turned to the Coko Foundation to build a comprehensive solution for the entire publishing community.

Built on JavaScript with a standards-based approach, Editoria’s technology infrastructure gives publishers interoperable tools. Its modular, code base can be integrated with existing systems or expanded to meet your specific workflows. All with no vendor lock-in.