Meeting authors where they already do work, Editoria will ingest files from Microsoft Word and automatically transform & encode style information.

Editoria’s import functionality will be based on INK (short for ‘INgestion – Konversion’). It is built with a Rails ‘backend’ and we have a first client built in Javascript (React). Editors will be able to create recipes which comprise of one or more steps.

A step does one thing, converting docx to HTML, for example, or validating HTML. The idea is that you can chain several of these steps together to manage complex conversion pipelines. We designed it like this so that you could also modify one single step in a recipe and improve it without having to change an entire hard-coded pipeline (which is usually the way these things are built).

More information on INK is available on the coko.foundation blog.


Familiar tools and a ‘what you see is what you get’ environment will enable authors and editors to collaborate more efficiently on copyediting, typesetting and proofreading.

Editoria’s authoring tool will be based on the substance.io content editing framework, and will support simultaneous editing with track changes, version control, inline commenting and style/formatting enforcement. A separate implementation of this same framework that will be adapted for use in Editoria is available in the PubSweet 1.0 “Science Blogger.”

WorkflowStart Here - General Monograph Production Workflow(1)

Configurable stages let editors establish goals and deadlines, with flexible assignment, communication and permission functionality.

The Editoria team has conducted interviews with editors at 8 leading university presses and library publishing programs in an effort to capture every step of the typical monograph production workflow. We’re now working closely with a smaller team to map those existing practices to a new digital tool.


Native XML / HTML framework means typesetting happens on the fly — eliminating the need to track changes across multiple versions and formats. More information to come.