Community-based infrastructure for Scholarly Books, Monographs, and Open Educational Resources

Monograph production is costly, and outdated workflows add complexity that have historically required the intervention of proprietary systems and third-party typesetters. Editoria shifts the paradigm away from these dated blockers toward a workflow optimized for digital first academic works. By engaging the community directly, including implementing user focused design, Editoria is able to solve problems facing many, including by engaging partners directly to collaborate, solve problems, and contribute solutions back into the repository for the greater good. This is a true open source, community sustained collaboration. Join!

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What are you waiting for?

A compliment to the wider Coko community, the Editoria community is being constructed around the cornerstones of founding organizations, California Digital Library and University of California Press.

If your organization would like to experiment with Editoria, it’s very simple: fork the code, say hello in the chat channel and join us as we revolutionize the production of scholarly book content. You are totally welcome!

GitLab & Mattermost

A project’s code repository is a great place to assess the health of an Open Source initiative. Visit ours, and review commits, issues and other key elements of the vibrant community that supports Editoria and other Coko tools. This helpful guide can assist with install.

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Whether we’re making small talk or solving problems collaboratively, Coko’s Mattermost is a window into the community supporting Editoria. Join to see for yourself!

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