Team Editoria: Getting scholarly book production out of the 1980s.

Digital publishing has dramatically transformed key aspects of publishing. But, unfortunately, the mechanisms to efficiently, collaboratively produce books lag far behind. Current tools are rooted in desktop publishing systems developed during the 1980s. Thirty years on from the desktop computer “revolution” we are still locked into print-based processes.

University of California Press and the California Digital Library had a vision for a modern, single-source digital workflow tool. In partnership with the Coko Foundation we have developed Editoria to break publishing free from these legacy workflows.

Our team of publishers, production editors, engineers, developers, and UX designers has developed Editoria around user needs. Through a collaborative product design process we have created an elegant online workflow tool — including styling, copyediting, author review, and proofreading — all in an elegant browser-based system.

Our Team

  • Alexis Georgantas Component Developer

    Alexis is a full stack engineer with years of experience in applications’ development who admires the open source community and embraces collaboration. He joined Coko as a frontend engineer in order to contribute to the development of PubSweet components.

  • Adam Hyde Founder, Coko Foundation

    Adam brings technical leadership and pioneering insights Coko’s collaborative knowledge production methods and technologies. Adam was awarded the 2015 and 2016 Shuttleworth Fellowship with the goal of building an open source publishing framework.

  • Giannis Kopanas Editoria Developer

    Giannis is a full stack engineer with more than ten years of experience in Web Applications. Giannis built the xpub-collabra journal platform on PubSweet, and now works with Alexis on Editoria.

  • Patricia Wagner Events and Merchandise

    Patricia coordinates events and the design and production of our merchandise. Patricia was born in Germany but grew up in Chile, where she studied advertising. 10 years ago Patricia returned to Germany to live in Berlin to finish fashion design studies at the Universität der Künste.

    Her work is divided between art, screen printing, graffiti, graphic design and fashion design. A passionate illustrator who always seeks to introduce her own style into her work which is bright, colorful and methodical. Patricia has worked with different artistic residencies and social projects in Portugal and recently has been working as location manager for a social enterprise that runs Germany´s biggest pop-up events for second hand clothes.