Nisyros has landed!

The next version of Editoria is here! This release is called Nisyros (or Νίσυρος in Greek), which is home to the most accessible volcano in the Mediterranean, and it includes dozens of community-proposed new features, as well as significant extended development in integrations with modular tools including, Wax, and enhanced export functionality, including via extended Paged.js integration with improved HTML, among others. 

The vast majority of work in this release centers around export functionality. We now 

support export to EPUB3 and improved integration with Paged.js. EPUB exports now also pass the epubcheck validation tool. 

To take styling to the next level, this version adds extended functionality (proposed by punctum books) to customize tags at the chapter level. This gives better styling and pagination control at export time.

The roll out also includes UI enhancements to support improved navigation between chapters while editing, word count, and other useful visual indicators such as for unresolved comments and suggested changes.

We added the ability to add, store and manage multiple CSS templates for exporting. We also have some starter templates as our very generous community members Book Sprints commissioned the addition of four new templates to the Editoria community. In addition, two other community members are gifting open CSS templates to the Editoria community – Electric Book Works and Atla Open Press. These are not available in the initial release but expect them soon!

“Include in TOC” tickbox UI feature is a designation that, when activated, is added onto the component level HTML element as class data, thus better informing export tools how to compile a flawless TOC (323).

Replacing legacy Ink with PubSweet Job Manager eliminates unnecessary dependencies and significantly accelerates the ingestion time for MS Word files (255).

Included in this version are profile pages per user, allowing for the storage and management of user information (293).

Get your first look at Editoria’s Nisyros version at the third Editoria Community Meeting December 3 -4 in Chicago, or schedule a demonstration. Please consider getting yourself onto our listserv. Our team will be in touch with users of hosted deployments to confirm upgrade plans.

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