Release timeline update

It’s officially time to mark your calendars in anticipation of the next version of Editoria’s arrival! On October 14, the new- as yet unnamed- release will roll out, and we’ll be in touch with community members who have hosted deployments to confirm upgrade timeline and to answer any questions. 

We aimed for the end of September, but decided to take two extra weeks to tighten a few extra bolts before the release.

Enhanced export functionality, CSS template galleries, improved Wax functionality, improved HTML, profile pages and much more are headed your way! To ensure you get the most out of this release, and have your say about the next, please attend the Editoria Community Meeting. Attendees will see the new functionality, hear from integrators, participate in discussion, brainstorming and feature proposal generation and will also have a fantastic time hanging out with the kindest and smartest people in open book publishing.

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