Introducing Editoria’s Template Gallery

The ability to store and manage multiple CSS templates for exporting content to output formats is on its way! This means in our next version, users will be able to upload multiple CSS templates and save changes to them. 

In addition, our very generous and prolific community members at Book Sprints need the ability to offer multiple CSS templates within Sprints. Not all of the organizations they Sprint with want identical books. For this reason, they have commissioned the addition of four new templates, as well as the ability to choose which to use from within a template gallery, and they plan to share this work openly with the Editoria community.

Here’s a preview of what the interface for choosing templates within Editoria will look like:

Editoria’s new Template Gallery – accessible via the Book Dashboard.

Actions possible at the template level within the gallery.

Editing an existing template within the Gallery.

Further, over at, Arthur Attwell of Electric Book Works has created some CSS templates that work with Paged.js. These do need some adaptation to pull them into the Editoria Template Gallery, but this work is planned. 

Long story short: you soon have multiple out-of-the-box templates to choose from when exporting from Editoria — as well as the ability to upload and manage your own. Pretty rad!

Community beta is now open. If you want to be on the list of early birds invited in to have pre-release access while development continues on the final version, get yourself onto our listserv.

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