Export formats today and tomorrow

When making books in Editoria, we like to think it’s as much about the journey as the destination. Still, many publishers are understandably focused on export formats, or understand where our ‘end-to-end’ ends.

End-to-end depends on workflow. For flat, collaborative workflow, there may be authoring and collaborative editing in Editoria while for post-acquisition workflow there may be semi-finalized word files uploaded for production workflow. Either way, the opposite end is the same – export to multiple formats.

Initially, Editoria was able to export only to Vivliostyle, which rendered a paginated view of an EPUB which was not exposed, itself. This ‘view’ could be printed to PDF. Next, that EPUB was exposed to users, with a ‘download EPUB’ button within the BookBuilder. Still, as all exports are made possibly by applying CSS rules to structured HTML, users requested access to the CSS for tweaking and updating on the fly. Last fall, the addition of Paged.js allowed for exactly this, as well as for export of HTML. For those keeping score at home, this means today Editoria exports EPUB, PDF, and HTML.

Still, our community tells us, as part of our community roadmap feature proposal process, that exporting ICML is necessary as well for highly stylized arts books, for example. This means that our community can and do determine which features are developed. Anyone can be a part of this group of forward thinking publishing organizations who are working together to transform publishing.

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