Our second community roadmap proposal process kicks off today!

It’s an exciting time in the Editoria Community!

Today, we invite submissions for our next round of community roadmap feature proposals! This means that from this moment forward two weeks, anyone is welcomed and encouraged to submit feature requests representative of the functionality ideal to see in Editoria moving forward. At the very same time, please continuously monitor the proposals others have made and add comments, likes, etc. This is very helpful community participation and is truly your chance to influence the roadmap!

Our last round yielded 36 proposals, and 18 were selected, developed and released as part of Monemvasia. Already, we have dozens of ideas piling up in gitlab!

After that, our team will take a week to review, assess, and decide the subset of requests that will be developed in this round. We’ll announce the features chosen for development, and will, of course, have them prominently displayed along with progress indicators toward their completion on our project’s ReadMe.

Once all are developed, they’ll be released as the next version of Editoria. This process then continues, rinse and repeat. Please join us in evolving this platform with your ideas!

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