Open Textbook Network strengthens shared understandings with a Sprint

Open Textbook Network graciously hosted a workflow sprint ahead of the Library Publishing Forum meeting on May 7.

Coko Co-founder and Workflow Sprint facilitator Adam Hyde visited the Belzberg Library at the Simon Fraser University to work with constituents from across open textbooks in the US and Canada.

The group began by shared experiences and ‘gotchas’ or aberrations from the workflow ‘norm,’ toward arriving at a shared understanding of what we are talking about when we talk about workflow. Then, the constituency was broken into two groups. One group brainstormed the needs single authors will have when authoring an open textbook. Another group brainstormed how to support group authoring use cases. These were documented as ‘ideal’ workflows for single authors and for groups, respectively. After this, both breakout groups shared their work for wider discussion.

Next, the groups reconvened to look at what tools are needed to support each authoring use case. From here, the OTN team engaged in another round of sharing and discussion.

“It was an invigorating and motivating day of sharing and learning,” said Adam. “Many took away things that will improve what they do immediately on current active projects.”

The Open Textbook Network’s community will engage to assist them with actioning on some of the ideas identified in the Sprint going forward.

To learn more about OTN, reach out to Community Manager, Mark Sheaves.

All photos by Adam Hyde (CC-BY).

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