At Our Second Editoria Community Meeting

The Editoria Community held our second Community Meeting in San Francisco April 30 and May 1. We extend sincere thanks to all who participated from across myriad organizations within library publishing, university press, and publishing technology spaces. Together, we continued to chart the path for Editoria’s evolution.

Our two days together were packed tightly with demonstrations of our newly released Monemvasia version, presentations from organizations using Editoria to produce books including punctum books, atla, a Book Sprints constituent and UC Press. We also saw and discussed presentations from adjacent friendly technologies such as Manifold, Fulcrum and Paged.js, as well as a deep dive on accessibility and assistive technology from Benetech, and meta-overview of bookmaking from a philosophical perspective from C & F Éditions. We also learned about a new book recently produced using Paged.js. Within full group and breakout discussions, we covered collaborative approaches and feature proposal plans for extending our new metadata functionality, explored digital asset management workflow, introductory Paged.js, developer-level Paged.js, as well as diving deeply into a comparison of prior version to Monemvasia.








Stay tuned for details around the next round of community roadmap feature proposals, forthcoming efforts and reports from accessibility and indexing working groups, details on upgrade timeline for publishers using hosted deployments, and an announcement of our fall meeting dates and location.

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