We invite you to join us in Monemvasia!

We are ridiculously excited to announce that the next version of Editoria is here! It has everything: 18 community-proposed new features, as well as a complete rebuild of the application against the new PubSweet, upgrade of Wax, enhanced xSweet and extended Paged.js! It’s more functionally elegant, more beautiful, more stable, and faster than its predecessor version.

We are often asked which version of the platform we are working on, and up until now, we’ve never differentiated versions. The software we build is not simply a ‘number.’ For this reason, we are ecstatic to announce our new version of Editoria as the Monemvasia version. Inarguably beautiful, Monemvasia is Europe’s only castle that has never ceased being inhabited. The release was named by Editoria’s Lead Developer Alexis Georgantas.

Get your first look at Editoria’s Monemvasia version at the second Editoria Community Meeting next week, or schedule a demonstration. We will be in touch with users of hosted deployments to discuss and plan upgrade. Read more about the release.

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