UC Press builds three forthcoming books in the browser with Editoria!

The following is a guest post from Cindy Fulton and Kate Warne of University of California Press (UC Press). As you may know, UC Press, and specifically Kate and Cindy, are among the founders of Editoria, having personally contributed to the collaborative design sessions that mapped functional system requirements. 

This winter has been a busy time at UC Press as we have put three live book projects—with three authors

and three copy editors—into Editoria. At present, we have made our way through file upload, preparation, and formatting; copy editing; and author review. Two of three authors now have page proofs in hand (generated by Coko UX and CSS designer Julien Taquet, mostly outside of the Editoria system since the pagination function is under development). Everyone has been excited about what they’ve seen, and we’ve gathered much useful feedback for development going forward.

We look forward to presenting our experience at the upcoming community meeting to share what we have learned and suggest areas where the community can help advise on and guide future development. Hope to see you in San Francisco in a few weeks!

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