A Sprint with punctum books

The Editoria Community is very fortunate to have the participation of our friends Eileen and Vincent, the co-directors of punctum books. They are brimming with enthusiasm for their work, and for innovating. They are unafraid to try new things. In fact, it seems they thrive on trying new things! This is one of the many reasons we are so glad to call them ours!

One example of this passion for their craft: Vincent and Eileen took up our offer to collaborate on a Workflow Sprint. We wanted them to explain their workflow to us in granular detail, to create a shared map of it together, and then to think through improving it. The best way we know to do this is to spend some time with Adam Hyde talking, thinking, and innovating together.

On April 4th at the University of California Santa Barbara Library, this group laced up their figurative running sneaks and hit the track! Process improvements were identified including the need for a submission form to solicit authors for each piece of info, and all the files, all at once. This is going to save lots of time (and e-mail) for Vincent and Eileen who today have seeming endless loops of submission item gathering with their beloved authors. This is challenging when you are a small, independent publisher.

Another challenge is the collection and storage of all of these book related items. Vincent and Eileen work oceans away from one another, with authors all around the world. To streamline storage and access, they will make use of free, open source Trello, representing each book as a card. Simple, lightweight, awesome.

punctum is beta testing Editoria, and they are active and very generous community members, sharing loads of feedback and many proposals for new functionality, in addition to participating in community events and contributing blog posts. We can’t wait to see them again at the Editoria Community Meeting in San Francisco on April 30 and May 1. We’ll be interested to hear which of these Sprint ideas they have implemented, and what they’re doing with all their newfound time in workflow.

If you want to chat with punctum, Sprint with Adam, try Editoria or come to the meet, just let us know.

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