New features are coming!

In late 2018, the publishing organizations within the Editoria Community proposed a total of 36 excellent feature ideas, as well as provided feedback on each other’s proposals. From here, 18 were chosen, and have been being developed for release this spring! Check out the updated roadmap based on these items!

In addition to the specific proposals, the development team has also been working on a couple of very important development items.



Pubsweet has been upgraded in order to make use of a new, more robust stack (GraphQL, Apollo). This led to a complete rewrite of Editoria, almost from scratch, including new data models created, new backend implementation, as well as frontend.By using the new Pubsweet, Editoria will provide more stable concurrent operations (chapter locks, chapter reorders, guarantied data persistence, etc).Additionally, Editoria’s UI was improved in order to eliminate any glitches that previously existed.

What does this all mean? More useful functionality in Editoria! Stay tuned for more details as the upgrade date approaches. You can participate in the next round of brainstorming at the Editoria Community Meeting this spring. Registration is now open.

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