Editoria Feature Proposals

At the Editoria Community Meeting in October, the community issued the first call for feature proposals. Below is a brief synopsis of proposals submitted on GitLab. Titles link to the individual proposal. Where you see a reference to an image, please check the original item to view.

All items can be found in GitLab, also of course:


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1. Feature Proposal: Color code tracked changes by user

Feature request: Please display tracked changes in different colors by user.

The request originates from UCP for Editoria, where only three users are expected to be within a given book/chapter editing at any given time.

2. Feature Proposal : enable “read only” chapter mode

Org: Book Sprints

User story: As an author, I want to review a chapter while someone else is editing it.

3. Feature Proposal : Indenting chapters in book builder

Org: Book Sprints

User story : As an author, I want to be able to see the difference between parts and chapters at one glance.

4. Feature Proposal : Configure book builder to omit blue buttons

Org: Book Sprints

User story: As an author in a Book Sprint, I want the book builder to look as much as a table of content as possible. We do not upload word files in a Book Sprint, so we have no need for the blue buttons showing the upload status, therefore this UI element is unnecessary and distracting.

5. Feature Proposal: Autocomplete for adding book team roles

punctum books proposes an autocomplete feature when typing in names for book team roles (see attached image)

6. Feature Proposal: List User Roles under Users

In the overview of Users under the Users menu include the different roles these users fulfill in the different Books

7. Feature Proposal: Error message when uploading incorrect file format

punctum books proposes: an error message when you try to upload a file format that is not DOCX (such DOC) rather than XSweet trying to process it and then crashing.

8. Feature Proposal: Toggle invisible characters in Wax

punctum books proposes a toggle for invisible characters in the Wax editor.

This would allow quick discovery of double spaces, returns instead of enters, correctly inserting em/en spaces, weird tabs, and so on.

9. Feature Proposal: Author Style

punctum books proposes: An additional Wax paragraph style “author.”

10. Feature Proposal: Automatic typographer’s quotes in Wax

punctum books proposes that Wax automatically uses typographer’s quotes (for now, until there is proper language control).

When typing single or double quotes in Wax, they are not formatted as typographer’s quotes

11. Feature proposal: Always show chapter name

punctum books proposes a feature that makes sure that the chapter name is always shown somewhere on the top of the page, so you know where you are.

12. Feature Proposal: Usernames allowed with special characters

punctum books proposes that usernames with underscores, periods, etc. are allowed.

Currently, it appears that no such usernames, such as “John_Doe” or “Paul.Smith” are allowed. When you try to create them, you get a 400 error without any further explanation.

13. Feature Proposal: Ask for first name and surname on sign up

punctum books proposes that new users are asked for first name and surname on signup.

14. Feature proposal: Kill automatic numbering in numbered list style

Proposed by University of California Press

Adding sequential numbers to text styled as a numbered list would be helpful if one were authoring in Editoria. However, authors who want a list numbered submit it that way in .docx files, so the automatic numbering feature in this style adds a duplicate set of numbers to list items.

15. Feature proposal: Front- and backmatter styles

Proposed by University of California Press

To move to the next stage of testing and put a whole book through Editoria, we need styles for frontmatter components and a few more backmatter ones.

16. Feature proposal: Automatically generated table of contents

Proposed by the University of California Press

17. Feature Proposal: Toolbar button to change case

Proposed by University of California Press

18. Feature proposal: No global italics in BookBuilder component listings

Proposed by University of California Press

Display component names in Book Builder in roman, not italic, type (italic type really shouldn’t be used unless there is a reason). Allow italic type to be within the name. See, e.g., in UCP deployment Wickes / Bible and Poetry** chapter 1 title: Ephrem’s Madrashe on Faith in Context.

19. Feature proposal: Allow toggle to turn off reveal of spaces in record changes

Proposed by University of California Press

The revealed spaces between words make longer sections of inserted text difficult to read. Propose a toggle to show these or not.

20. Feature Proposal—Media Library/Asset Manager

This is a placeholder feature proposal. Right now, Editoria expects camera-ready artwork to be placed inline in order to become a part of the book. At the moment, a caption can be included with the inserted artwork, but no additional metadata about the image. This feature would allow a user to insert artwork from a media library. The media library would be similar to WordPress’s media library and allow for media to be uploaded and inserted inline in a book via the Wax editor, which would then become part of the media library, or to be added directly to the media library. The media library would allow for some basic media editing as well. It should be a “media” library rather than an image library because ultimately Editoria should be able to support multimedia in addition to static images.

21. Feature Proposal—CSS Book Page Template Gallery

This is a placeholder feature request for a CSS template gallery that would allow users to select from a gallery of page templates that can be rendered to PDF using Editoria’s CSS/javascript-based automated typesetting process. These templates would include the following variables:

22. Feature Proposal—Epubcheck EPUB Output Validation

This is a placeholder feature request for Editoria to validate EPUBs produced by the system using the open source Epubcheck validation tool to validate the EPUB output for adherence to the EPUB standard.

23. Feature Proposal—Book-level (and perhaps chapter-level) metadata

This is a placeholder feature request for a mechanism to add a book and/or chapter-level metadata data entry mechanism to Editoria. This could be achieved either by integration with an API or export-drive feed from a publisher’s existing title management system or by adding a form to Editoria that would allow for the entry of this metadata. In some cases, this metadata will need to be added to create a valid EPUB file, so an MVP could include just those metadata elements necessary to create a valid EPUB. This would also be useful for output and distribution to other systems (e.g. a publisher’s digital asset management system).

24. Feature Proposal—Accessibility Validation and Tools

This is a placeholder feature proposal to develop tools for validating EPUB outputs against accessibility guidelines as codified by the W3C and other standards organizations. This could include anythingn from validating the inclusion of alt-text and alerting users to missing alt-text for images/media to validating whole book files against api-driven accessibility validation services such as those being developed by the DAISY consortium.

25. Feature Proposal: Allow components to move from body to front- or backmatter and vice versa

Longleaf Services proposes that component types be changeable. Currently, it’s possible to change the order of components within each type, but it is not possible to change the component type without deleting a file and reloading it. For example, Introductions are often moved from the main text into the frontmatter, and abbreviations lists are moved from frontmatter to the backmatter. Being able to use the drag-and-drop function would be more efficient.

26. Feature Proposal: Add more information to the “Books” dashboard and make it sortable

Longleaf Services proposes that author name(s), team member names and roles, author name, and current status be visible for each project, and that the page be sortable.

27. Feature Proposal: Provide a larger text box for inputting figure captions

Longleaf Services proposes the caption text box be enlarged. Currently only a limited amount of the caption text is visible; a larger text box would make reviewing/editing the text easier. If there is a total character count limit, it would be helpful to provide the number of characters remaining.

Additionally, perhaps we could encourage accessibility/alt-friendly caption or descriptive entry? Maybe above the text box there could be a suggestion such as, “Consider providing a caption that is accessibility/alt-text friendly.”

28. Feature proposal: Export parts of a book

punctum books proposed the option to export only parts of a book.

Currently, only an entire book can be exported through paged.js. It would be great if you could select on or more chapters for export, which again would be very useful for edited collections.

29. Feature proposal: discretionary hyphens

punctum books proposes an additional special character: a discretionary hyphen.

Foreign names such as Nietzsche are often broken off erroneously by automatic hyphenation, for example Niet-zsche. A discretionary hyphen is an invisible character that shows paged.js where to properly hyphenate a word or name.

30. Feature proposal: Inline semantic markup

punctum books proposes inline semantic markup in Wax.

31. Feature Proposal: Language control

punctum proposes a language control feature.

32. Feature Proposal: Tag what you want in Wax

punctum books proposes a features that allows you to “tag what you want” in Wax.

33. Feature Proposal: Indexing tool

This is a proposal for an indexing tool, written from the perspective of an indexer, not a production editor. It would be great to have some feedback from the production side. I do not know what happens to an index after it is submitted to a press.

34. Feature Proposal: Alert team members when workflow status changes

Longleaf Services proposes a function that allows team members to be notified when the status of a project changes—For example, “File _____ is available for editing”

35. Feature Proposal: Configurable archive options for completed / abandoned books

Attaching our sketch and some notes from the community meeting:

Completed / abandoned books need a long-term archiving solution, and users probably won’t want these titles cluttering up their Books Dashboard, so we propose a new ‘archive’ option on the Books Dashboard that would spawn a modal with options for where to send the archive and what to do with the dashboard entry. These options could be configured by an admin to connect to various preservation solutions (e.g. LOCKSS, Portico, FTP).

36. Feature Proposal: Add a “Print” option

Longleaf Services proposes that the option to print be available.

Our pilot project requires that a print version of the final file be available to participating authors/presses to satisfy tenure committees, reviewers, and awards committees that don’t yet accept digital versions. Would it be possible to provide the option to download a project’s pdf version, next to the option to download the epub?

These are abbreviated descriptions, so do go to gitlab to read the full proposals. And stay tuned for the definitive feature list forthcoming!

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