Paged.js has arrived (and here’s how you can learn more)!

Editoria includes three export options, currently.
  1. Export to a paginated output via Vivliostyle. This is a view of an EPUB that the system generates. It can be thought of as an EPUB “under glass.” It can be printed to PDF.
  2. Export the EPUB that appears within Vivliostyle, directly. This is an EPUB direct from Editoria to your machine.
  3. Paged.js is a dynamic export option that displays a paginated output on the right, and shows the editable CSS on the left. The two mirror in real time, so that CSS can be tweaked on the fly, and changes are instantly viewable. Paged.js also allows for export of source HTML. This is a new addition within Editoria and the technology is from the Paged Media initiative.

If you’d like to learn more about Paged Media there will be free workshops in Brussels on November 28 and Paris on November 29 and 30. Learn more.

These workshops will include:
North American workshops coming in 2019, stay tuned!
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