Community Meeting Update!

The first ever Editoria Community Meeting was a success, thanks to participation from over 50 forward-thinkers from across the Scholarly Communications landscape. Editoria Founders Catherine Mitchell of California Digital Library and University of California Press’ Erich van Rijn shared the project’s origin story, and officially passed stewardship of Editoria to the wider community.

Next, we focused on the flexibility of Editoria to support a range of workflows. UC Press Project Editors Kate Warne and Cindy Fulton presented on the press’ permissions-based workflow. This was followed by Book Sprints CEO Barbara Rühling’s presentation on her organization’s collaborative workflow, in which permissions take a back seat.

At the end of Barbara’s presentation, the result of the Editoria Book Sprint was revealed! In three days, the team, made up of individuals from Paged Media, UC Press, CDL, and Coko were facilitated by Barbara to author a book documenting the system in three days. The book was printed overnight, and it looks awesome! Check out EPUB and PDF (links coming soon).


Next, the Coko team demonstrated Wax, xSweet, and Paged.js as well as the most recent version of Editoria.

Later, we brainstormed the features of tomorrow and discussed how to get these ideas onto the roadmap (hint: there is a transparent process for this). The day was rounded out by a discussion about community participation and governance.

For more on the meeting, check out Adam’s blog.

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