Longleaf Services partnering with Editoria to develop efficiencies in Mellon-funded open digital monograph publishing project

Earlier this year, the University of North Carolina Press and its affiliate Longleaf Services announced a Mellon-funded pilot to support open digital editions of up to 150 new monographs in history published by multiple university presses across a three-year period.

As the pilot begins, along with the important work of preparing selected manuscripts for publication, Longleaf Services is announcing a partnership with Editoria to test and provide feedback toward optimizing it to suit the program’s needs. Longleaf Services will then incorporate Editoria into the production workflow.

“I’m looking forward to using Editoria to produce the open digital editions for the grant,” said Lisa Stallings, Editorial, Design, and Production Manager at Longleaf. “Being able to manage the production process from an ‘all-in-one-place’ tool, accessible to all


involved parties, will streamline the workflow and enable us to get the content out more quickly, while dramatically reducing costs.”

“I have been impressed during the development phase by how open the developers are to letting users influence the direction of future functionality,” Stallings said.

The Editoria Community is meeting on October 18thin San Francisco, California. For more info about Editoria, or to plan a demo, drop us a note!

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