Book Sprints is 10!

Editoria Community member and early implementer Book Sprints is celebrating their 10th anniversary! This milestone has inspired reflection by CEO Barbara Rühling and the Book Sprints team.

Book Sprints is simultaneously celebrating their successful implementation of Editoria into their collaborative authoring sessions in which experienced facilitators guide participating subject matter experts and organizations to author a book in five days. As of July 2018, Book Sprints now empowers authors to write directly in Editoria using a flat, collaborative workflow. This means that all authors have the same permissions to write, as well as edit, and “permissions” are managed socially.

“Over the last ten years, we have not only refined our facilitation method, but also the tools we use to enable groups of authors to collaborate,” said Rühling. “Editoria is our newest addition, and it’s been great. It allows not only the authors in a Book Sprint to write a book together in the browser, but also our remote team of copy-editors, illustrators, and book designers to work on the book’s production, simultaneously, without slowing down the process by having to send files around.”

Read more about these milestones and Book Sprints at their newly redesigned website:

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