Exploring Editoria today!

Many presses and library publishers have “explore open, shared scholarly infrastructure options” on their ‘to do’ lists for the coming year. Summer vacations make it difficult to accommodate strategic discussions at any organization at this time of year.

Still, there is something you can do today if you have exploring Editoria on your list. Here are some steps you can take before 5 p.m. today that have the capacity to sustain your publishing program in the long term.

  1. Visit gitlab.coko.foundation to download Editoria, and perform a local install.
    • Have IT staff? They’d probably love for you to ask them to help you with this.
    • No IT staff? Pop in to mattermost.coko.foundation/editoria. Our team would be thrilled to help you out.
  2. Run some .docx files through the workflow!
    • Try last years’ list for a complete set of files you can test with.
    • If you’re working to finalize an upcoming conference or meeting, why not consider doing so through Editoria, to familiarize yourself with its workflow and features?
  3. Let us know!
    • Visit mattermost.coko.foundation to say hello to everyone and let us know what you’re up to! We are friendly and we are always happy to help you out.
    • Email me alison@coko.foundation! I can connect you with a formal demo, others in the community, and other helpful resources (like this, and these, and more). I would be delighted! Most importantly, I’d love your feedback.
  4. Tell the world!
    • Having an awesome time of it in Editoria? Don’t keep it a secret. Tweet your experience to @editoriapub (and follow us, too).
    • Tell others in your space how easy and fun it was getting up to speed in Editoria!

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