EPUB export: We’ve built the door!

Community feedback is central to Editoria’s roadmap. As we presented demonstrations to groups large and small this spring, exposing the EPUB that Editoria creates, which is displayed as a paginated output in Vivliostyle, was a frequent request.

Our response had been that the EPUB was available ‘under the hood,’ and that we were working on “building a door” so that the file could be accessed, downloaded, and passed along in workflow. Some community members loved the idea of moving from EPUB to other formats.

We are delighted to announce that today the ‘door’ exists! It’s a button to the right of the ‘export book’ option within the book builder! All the code is updated on gitlab, along with installation instructions.

If you haven’t taken a look at Editoria in a few months, it’s time to look again, as new features have been added. Set up a demo and discussion today.


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