Editoria Update

Recent changes to Editoria.


  • Clicking on a source note’s number in the notes editor snaps the main content editor to the source note’s callout #37


  • Updated track changes buttons for consistent capitalization (“Record Changes” is now “Record changes” and “Recording Changes” is now “Recording changes”) #62
  • Numbers in the note callout icon moved higher up to be more legible and look more natural #15
  • Application title changed from “Pubsweet app” to “Editoria” #24
  • Focus moves back to main editor with active cursor after clicking any of the track changes buttons (“Record/Recording changes” and “Show/Hide changes”) #60
  • Source Note style changed from inline style to a block-level style. Removed icon from top formatting tool bar, and added Source Note to the styling pane in two places #49
  • Switched the placement of the “Edit/View” and “Rename” buttons for components in the Book Builder interface to reflect the relative frequency of these actions #30
  • In the Book Builder interface, double clicking a component name now opens it in the editor, rather than opening a text field to rename the component #31
  • Changed capitalization of “Back To book” button to “Back to book” #32
  • When authors or copyeditors are about to change a workflow state in a way that will revoke their “edit” access, they see a warning message. The text of this warning message has been updated for clarity, to: “You won’t be able to edit this chapter after updating this workflow status. Are you sure you wish to continue?” #34
  • Some styles have been renamed (lists, subtitles, dialogue), and the order and groupings of styles have been updated #48
  • The currently applied style is more easily visible in the style panel across different displays (the applied style name changes more dramatically than before) #50
  • Upon exiting the editor with unsaved changes, the option on the warning screen to “Cancel” and go back to the editor has changed to “Take me back to the editor” for clarity #9
  • Users with author or copyeditor role no longer see non-functional buttons to “Rename” or “Delete” books from the book dashboard #26


  • Bold package removed from the note editor #17


  • Resolving a comment no longer breaks the appearance of some of the styles in the editor (Subtitle, Extract: Poetry, Extract: Prose, Epigraph: Poetry, or Epigraph: Prose), #61
  • Font ligatures have been disabled in the editor, fixing the issue of certain character sequences combining into one character and causing the cursor to skip (e.g. “ff” and “fl”) #18
  • Book components can be dragged and dropped to rearrange after exiting the Wax editor (Substance drag-and-drop now properly disconnects) #19
  • Resolved font warning upon loading the editor #27
  • When exiting the editor, the bug where the user had to click “Save and quit” or “Quit without saving” multiple times has been resolved #20

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