Editoria 0.4 Planning – Collaboration & Infrastructure

With the Book Builder interface nearly complete, the team is now turning their attention to the authoring and editing interface which, in addition to supporting composition and styling, will also need to provide tools for commenting and task management. To meet these needs, the development team will be working on both interface and infrastructure challenges in the month ahead.

editoria_03_authoring_editingCollaboration interface

Editors, authors, copyeditors & proofreaders all need a way to mark up text, engage in conversations around proposed changes, and track tasks related to these comments. Editoria will make use of space directly to the side of the main “page” area to enable this functionality. Comment threads will link directly to the text that needs changing, and threaded conversations related to those comments will be enabled. Users will also be able to use quick shortcuts to create tasks within comments or mark conversation threads as ‘resolved’ so everyone can keep on top of what work remains.

Authoring & editing infrastructure

One of the main goals of Editoria is to meet authors where they already do their work. This means that, in addition to providing an intuitive browser-based authoring tool, Editoria also needs to support import of existing manuscript materials in Microsoft Word *.docx format and perform some clean-up on imported files to match the publisher’s style guidelines. The development team will deliver an initial prototype of this functionality alongside the new collaboration interface in Editoria 0.4.

Looking ahead

We are also actively gathering requirements for remaining development challenges scheduled for completion by January 2017, including:

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