Editoria 0.2 Planning – Book Builder

Editoria 0.1 introduced a basic ‘Table of Contents’ interface for organizing components of a book project (e.g. chapters), monitoring the status of those components, and launching the web-based authoring tool to make edits to the contents of those components. Books, however, are made up of many components that may not appear in the final Table of Contents, and there are additional complexities in status, workflow and attributes that an effective interface for managing book components needs to handle elegantly.

In collaboration with members of the editorial team at UC Press, the developers of Editoria have now completed mock-ups for a revised Table of Contents interface that, going forward, we’ll be referring to as the Book Builder. In Editoria 0.2, this interface will include the following enhancements:

Features not included in the 0.2 development sprint, but under consideration for future releases include:

Editoria 0.2 development begins June 27th, with a target release planned for late July / early August.

We welcome your feedback!

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