Open publishing, optimized.

The streamlined online production tool for open publishing.

Efficiently produce format-flexible, standards-compliant content items with Editoria, the open source, web-based editing & production workflow tool. Built by a diverse community of users from across publishing and beyond.

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Web-based word processor

Simplify publishing workflows.

Style & edit directly in an online system purpose-built for open publishing and designed to facilitate rapid review & publication.

Online collaboration

Shorten time to publication.

Editors and authors can work from a single online document, eliminating time-consuming file sharing and version control management.

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Automated typesetting

Robust push-button publishing.

Create a custom template or use a pre-built template with Editoria’s CSS-based typesetting. Generate multiple outputs, including EPUB & PDF.

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Open Source

Community built.

Developed in partnership with the Coko. Built on JavaScript with a modular code base that you can integrate with existing systems.

Community Built & Owned

  • Created by publishers for publishers
  • Eliminates reliance on costly vendor support
  • Lightweight & intuitive, easy to customize
  • No need to maintain third party software
  • Push button file output, generate EPUB3
  • Built on open source technology